Week 44, 2019

BitMEX | BlueKeep | Vyper | Devcon

Continuing in the catch up mode, Week 44 features yet another ransomware attack against a major city, BitMEX mass email leak, LiteCoin getting dangerously close to being a target of a 51% attack, Devcon 5 videos and slides release.



  • BitMEX Email Leak - an incident report on the massive email address leak affecting BitMEX users. The report identifies an engineering lapse where a SendGrid API call batched sent addresses into a single TO: field which exposed addresses to all other recipients. The report also identifies that exchange’s Twitter account was also briefly compromised. Following the exposure, there were reports on hacking groups starting to target BitMEX users using leaked emails.

  • Litecoin Hashrate Falls More Than 50% Since Peak: Dark ASICs Make it Vulnerable to Attack - a significant drop in Litecoin’s hashrate increases a risk and incentives for miners to perform a 51% attack.




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