Week 31, 2019

Capture the Coin | Defcon 27 | BTC-e | Elliptic

Multiple blockchain security events are happening this month. Defcon 27 is hosting the Blockchain Village with lots of interesting talks. A new capture the flag competition called Capture the Coin by Coinbase is also launching in August. I will be speaking and hanging out at the Blockchain Village to support the contest so feel free to stop by and solve some challenges.



  • Capture the Coin - Blockchain Security CTF - a new CTF competition was announced with two dozen challenges covering smart contract exploitation, cryptography, wallet malware, blockchain forensics, and many others. The competition will start on August 9th at Defcon 27 Blockchain Village.

  • Defcon 27 - Blockchain Village - the upcoming Defcon conference will host a village dedicated to various blockchain security topics. Some topics interesting talks include Responding to Firefox 0-day by Philip Marting, Hacking Cryptocurrencies by Mark Nesbitt, FumbleChain by Nils Amiet, Jump-Oriented Programming (JOP) in Smart Contract Honeypots by Xiohang Yu, and many others. You can find the full agenda here.



That’s all for this week’s Blockchain Threat Intelligence. Stay safe and see you in Vegas!