Week 14, 2019

Gustuff | RAND | SlowMist | Gatecoin | Bancor

After a string of cryptocurrency exchange hacks last week, we can finally take a break and regroup. This week, I will focus on a number of interesting research publications to help you better understand threat actors, tactics and techniques used in phishing campaigns, as well as the latest studies into cryptocurrency privacy and security.



  • SlowMist Hacked — a great new resource to track compromises of exchanges, wallets, exploitation of blockchain technologies and EOS, ETH, Tron DApps. The site is currently tracking more than $4 billion in lost funds with the majority of hacks in EOS Dapps.

  • Electrum servers are under a DoS attack — in an apparent effort to force users to connect to malicious Electrum servers, attackers have started a DoS campaign to knock our legitimate nodes. You can read more about the issues faced by the Electrum network here.



This concludes our weekly blockchain threat intelligence report. Thanks for reading and as always looking forward to any feedback.