BlockThreat - Week 5, 2021

Yearn | DeFlash | ArmorFi | Paradigm CTF | FlyingAtom

Welcome to this week’s edition of Blockchain Threat Intelligence! First congratulations Team Dilicious (Consensys Dilligence) for winning the amazing Paradigm CTF organized by @samczsun, @gakonst, @TylerCrimm and others.

Another major DeFi hack this year where Yearn Finance lost $11M. Critical vulnerabilities were responsibly disclosed to multiple DeFi projects including a $1.5 bug bounty collected by Alexander Schlindwein from ArmorFi. Responsible disclosure is a very welcome trend in the industry plagued by vulnerabilities!

On a much sadder note, an exchange in Poland was physically robbed with multiple employees injured. Unfortunately physical attacks while relatively rare have devastating effects on human lives when they do occur.

This week’s edition also features a few interesting research articles on front-running, flash loans, smart contract testing. Let’s dive into the news, but first a note from friends and sponsors at Halborn:

Halborn is an award-winning, enterprise grade cybersecurity advisory firm working with some of the best in blockchain and DeFi including Blockfi, Bancor, Ava Labs and many more. We offer Security Advisory as a service, Advanced Penetration Testing, Smart Contract Auditing, Key Management and DevOps.

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