BlockThreat - Week 48, 2020

BCH ABC | SushiSwap | Compound | PlusToken

Welcome to this week’s edition of Blockchain Threat Intelligence. Today we are going to cover an all out war that broke on the newly forked BCH ABC blockchain, a couple of minor DeFi incidents, and plenty of research material to keep you occupied during the winter season. Enjoy and try to avoid stealing Borat’s identity as a KYC on exchanges. Chenqui, thanks for your donations in the latest Gitcoin round.





  • VSCode Solidity Metrics by Consensys Dilligence is a fantastic tool for Solidity auditors which provides a range of useful data to quickly triage smart contract’s complexity, capabilities, identify privileged and public functions, and many other useful stats. The latest update introduces library doppelganger scanner to quickly identify library code.

  • MEV Inspect by Flashbots projects analyzes Ethereum blockchain to better understand miner-extractable value (MEV) opportunities on a variety DeFi projects.


That’s all for this week folks. Stay healthy, stay curious and see you next week!