BlockThreat - Week 41, 2020

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The rise of popularity in DeFi projects has also brought a new wave of scams and scammers. We will focus on three different examples ranging from traditional confidence scams to more technical backdoored smart contracts. OpenEthereum and ETH2 have announced bug bounty programs. TeamTNT is fighting other cryptojackers with their Black-T malware and other news in this week’s edition.


  • Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework was published by DoJ. The report focuses on crimes involving cryptocurrency (e.g. drug dealing), money laundering, and theft of cryptocurrency. The report also outlines threats posed by the nation states such as North Korea and Iran.




  • Black-T malware targets weak AWS accounts to mine Monero. The sample proactively disables any competing miners on the compromised hosts.


That’s all for this week in Blockchain Threat Intelligence. Be sure to check out /r/BlockSec for more up to the minute news and see you all next week.