BlockThreat - Week 4, 2021

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This week brought us another series of DeFi hacks and scams resulting in the theft of more than $2.2M worth of tokens. Exchange hacks continue the trend of attackers targeting PII data, U.S. government knocked out another major malware actor, cryptomining malware is on the rise. This week also features a must-read CipherTrace report on cryptocurrency crime and a number of research articles on DeFi security.

On a more positive note, checkout my latest project called OpenBlockSec which aims to create a series of curated lists on security of smart contracts, blockchains, exchanges, and other related topics. The first list in the series documents all known blocksec CTF competitions and writeups. On this note, Paradigm CTF kicks off this Friday, which should be a fantastic opportunity to learn!

Let’s dive into the news, but first a note from friends and sponsors at Halborn:

Halborn is an award-winning, enterprise grade cybersecurity advisory firm working with some of the best in blockchain and DeFi including Blockfi, Bancor, Ava Labs and many more. We offer Security Advisory as a service, Advanced Penetration Testing, Smart Contract Auditing, Key Management and DevOps.

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  • EVM Assembly Utilities - utility classes and functions for working with EVM (Ethereum Virual Machine) forks and their opcodes.

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- Peter Kacherginsky (iphelix)