BlockThreat - Week 37, 2020

Eterbase | bZX | Bitcoin | IRS | KryptoCibule

Not a month has gone by before the next big exchange hack. Another DeFi project list $5M USD worth of crypto due to a money printing bug. Bitcoin core silently patches a critical bug, forgets to share it with other projects. IRS still wants to figure out where all of the Monero goes. Ransomware incidents on the rise and other news in this week’s edition of Blockchain Threat Intelligence newsletter.


  • Crypto Privacy Conference is hosted on September 15-16 with topics on blockchain surveillance, CoinJoin, and other related topics.




  • A previously patched vulnerability in Bitcoin Core was discovered in forked projects such as Litcoin, Namecoin, Decred. A memory exhaustion vulnerability can crash and/or freeze the vulnerable node. The vulnerability was silently patched in 2018 and was only shared after it was independently discovered by another party.



Stay informed, stay healthy, and head over to /r/blocksec subreddit for blockchain security news throughout the week.