BlockThreat - Week 33, 2020

DoJ | OKEx | Tor | Ledger

A major victory was scored by DoJ with its large scale bust of cryptocurrency schemes used by terror groups. OKEx publishes their 51% attack incident notes, Tor network is under attack to steal crypto, and lots of interesting research articles in this week’s edition.



  • Incident Report by OKEx on the recent ETC 51% attack which resulted in 807,260 ETC to be double spent. The report includes detailed analysis of attacker’s addresses and timeline.

  • An ongoing Sybil attack on Tor’s exit nodes attempts to intercept and tamper with traffic to Bitcoin mixer services in order to steal cryptocurrencies.


  • A flaw in Ledger hardware wallet could allow funds theft through social engineering.


Thanks for joining me this week and see you in another edition of Blockchain Threat Intelligence newsletter.