BlockThreat - Week 31, 2021

BSV | Popsicle | Wault | Casper | Zerogoki

DeFi hacks are on the rise again with more than $22M stolen this week. BSV suffered yet another series of 51% attacks which created multiple conflicting chains and confused miners which chain to follow. Scammers are perfecting their craft on all fronts including realistic deep fake Zoom calls. On the good side, this week featured Reorg.WTF and Defcon Blockchain Village conferences with many excellent blockchain security talks.

Let’s dive into the news, but first a special thank you to Oak Security which sponsored this week’s edition:

Oak Security focuses on third-generation blockchains and blockchain interoperability. Oak’s client base has a combined market cap of over $10 billion. The company specializes in Terra, Cosmos, Polkadot, and Flow security, and is the leading provider of CosmWasm security audits. Oak security is growing and hiring new auditors.







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- Peter Kacherginsky (iphelix)