BlockThreat - Week 31, 2020

ETC | Ledger | Twitter | Doki

This week we have witnessed a massive 3500+ block attack again Ethereum Classic network. More PII leaks from cryptocurrency companies and news of arrests have been made weeks after the Twitter hack.



  • Another recovery hack by Harry Denley to return $10,000 stolen funds to their rightful owners. Similar to the previous case, the scammer’s website was not properly secured allowing Harry to obtain stolen keys and to return stolen funds to their rightful owners.


  • An interesting new mining malware, Doki, uses DogeCoin blockchain in order to calculate the C2 host based on spends of a hard-coded wallet. In this scheme, the value sent by the wallet was hashed and the first 12 characters used to form a ddns[.]net domain

That’s all for this week in Blockchain Threat Intelligence. Be sure to check out /r/BlockSec for more up to the minute news and see you all next week.