BlockThreat - Week 26, 2020

Balancer | Atomic Loans | CryptoCore | Docker

Another week, another DeFi exploit or two. Unfortunately, this time the bad folks were able to steal $500k worth of tokens. It’s too bad Balancer devs dismissed an earlier bug bounty report. ClearSky released a detailed report on CryptoCore APT which is dedicated to breaking into cryptocurrency exchanges. On a more fun side checkout someone almost getting caught by a honeypot smart contract and submit your blockchain security related talk to Defcon’s Blockchain Village.



  • Two vulnerabilities were reported in Atomic Loans smart contracts which could allow a malicious borrower to unlock their BTC collateral without repaying their loan by front-running a loan cancellation transaction. The vulnerability was responsibly disclosed and patched by the developer.


  • Defcon’s Blockchain Village is back this year and its CFP is now open. Last year, the village featured a number of excellent blockchain security related talks and multiple CTF competitions.


  • Another day, another XMR cryptojacking malware. Palo Alto published a report on two variants of Lucipher malware which use an arsenal of exploits targeting Windows hosts.

  • A more stealth approach to cryptojacking uses malicious Docker images to mine Monero.



That’s all for this week in Blockchain Threat Intelligence. Be sure to check out /r/BlockSec for more up to the minute news and see you all next week.