BlockThreat - Week 22, 2021

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After weeks of non-stop hacks, we finally got a bit of a break where we can catch up on fun research papers and a fun DeFi security workshop from Binance.

Let’s dive into the news, but first a special thanks to our sponsors at Trail of Bits:





Security First in DeFi workshop sponsored by Binance:

  1. Understand the security risk of Blockchain by Certik Team

  2. Incident Response Process(During/After hacks) by Merkle Science

  3. Project Panel: How projects respond to risks and how general users can protect themself? with Cream, dForce, Autofarm, Ogle

  4. Best practices for working with data/oracle in a smart contract by Chainlink Team

  5. Proactive defense for DeFi protocols: Security as a never ending process by Immunefi team


Stay informed, stay healthy, and see you in the next week’s edition!

- Peter Kacherginsky (iphelix)