BlockThreat - Week 20, 2021

Ethereum | Bunny Finance | Bogged Finance | Venus Protocol

This week we learned about a silently patched vulnerability in both Geth and Parity nodes which almost halted the network. Another $43.6M stolen from various DeFi projects and additional $200M liquidated as a result of price manipulation. I started keeping track of these incidents, root cases, and their impact on OpenBlockSec - DeFi Incidents 2021 page. So far in 2021 we are at $400M+ lost or stolen just from the hacks (significantly more due if we also count rug pulls and other scams) which is enough to sound an alarm that changes must happen soon in this segment of the industry through increased user awareness, developer education, tool development, bug bounty programs, etc. to turn the tide.








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- Peter Kacherginsky (iphelix)