BlockThreat - Week 13, 2001

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Blockchain Threat Intelligence where we will explore a couple of hacks in DeFi space including an unusual spam campaign by a disgruntled operator, several blockchain node vulnerabilities one of them a critical minting bug, and the latest trends in the use of cryptocurrencies by criminals. In case you had the pleasure of competing in Paradigm CTF earlier this year be sure to check out team’s solutions below.

I also wanted to share a new directory of blockchain incidents in my side project OpenBlockSec. The directory contains all know security incidents related to cryptocurrency exchanges, DeFi applications, blockchains, node and wallet software, and other related subjects. The goal of the directory is to learn about the past trends, mistakes and extrapolate lessons for today’s world. It already seems like exchange security incidents of 2011 are oddly similar to DeFi incidents in 2021 in their financial impact, frequency, and seeming lack of accountability.

In other news, a joyful reason for my recent absence from the newsletter was recently covered by several media outlets in case you want to see some more positive uses for NFTs ;-)







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- Peter Kacherginsky (iphelix)